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Product Description

TeleRadio Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition System (VLPR) is developed to automatically recognize vehicle licence plates.

The system requires only seconds to deliver the captured vehicle number thus the slow process of having personnel to manually record vehicle licence plate numbers is eliminated.

The fast and effective VLPR system consists of a VLPR camera and a powerful computerized processor configured with a power OCR enginethat is built to read alphabets, numbers or unique characters.

TeleRadio has successfully implemented their International VLPR Systems in different countries together with the company’s UV Colour® Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS).

Key Features
Detects & convert vehicle licence plate i mages into a digital file for recording.
Built to read a phabets, numbers or unique characters (e.g. Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Japanese,Indian, Korean and more)
High accuracy ratings up to 99%
Search and reportfeatures provided for easy access to database
Fast processing speed of less <0.5 sec per vehicle
Automatically records and stores the vehicle number in the VLPR database
Slow manual vehicle number recording is no longer required
Accurately stamp vehicle entry with licence plate number, date and time of entry or exit
Alerts upon detection of unauthorized vehicle number
Can be integrated with systems such as UVSS, Vehicle Access Control System, Car Park Management System and Cargo Container Logistic Management System

How It Works?
The VLPR system automatically detects the vehicle and rapidly locates and captures the vehicle licence plate image and transmits the image to the computerized processor for analysis.

The smart software converts the image into an alphanumeric or non-alphanumeric number and logged this data together with the date and time stamp into the system database for vehicle information, vehicle search or generating vehicle entry reports.  

Recommended Applications

TeleRadio VLPR systems can be used in a wide range of applications:-

Vehicle Screening Checkpoint
Automatically identify and record vehicle number,entry date and time for security purposes

Homeland Security & Law Enforcement
Identify stolen vehicles and blacklisted vehicles
Identify and records information of vehicles violating traffic rules

Car Park Access Control/Tollgate Collection
Identification of authorized vehicles to enter car parks and buildings
Identification of vehicles entry and exit duration for payment charges

Custom & Border Control
Automatically records vehicle information at Customs and Borders

Cargo Container Logistic Management
Automatically records cargo containers Identification Number for easy logistic management and control at busy ports and airports

Standalone usage or with other special systems
Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)
Vehicle Access Control
Car Park Management System
In-vehicle Surveillance System/Weigh-in-motion System
Highway Toll Collection System
Cargo Container Management System

International VLPR Coverage

International VLPR systems available for the following regions:-
. Asia Pacific
. Middle East
. United States of America
. Europe

Technical Requirements

1. VLPR Computer Processor System with Intel® Duo Core Processor with 512MB Ram, 160 HDD and 19”      LCD monitor
2. VLPR CCD camera (specification vary according to application)
3. Vehicle Detector  

"Capture and display of vehicle Licence Plate"
"Alerts upon detection of unauthorized vehicle"
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