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ViewLock Video Encryption System
  > Line cut and rotate video scrambling with user programmable encryption keys
  > DC power consumption < 65 mA at 12 Volts DC
  > Optimised for use with video surveillance links - fast "lock-in" time, tolerant to noise & interference
  > Rugged & weatherproof miniature housings
  > On screen display of status

Microwave and cabled video surveillance links are insecure and are open to the threat of interception. Viewlock safeguards the operational integrity of such links, by scrambling the video during transmission, making it impossible to intercept and decrypt the surveyed scene. Viewlock II's advanced digital processing, coupled with the use of multiple encryption keys, offers the the very best in security.

Viewlock II builds on over 5 years experience with the highly successful Viewlock I range of video encryption systems. Viewlock II improves on all the best features and functions of the original system such as fast lock-in time, excellent picture quality, and in noise performance whilst the size has been halved to a package of only 23 x 60 by 100 mm. Furthermore, current consumption has been dramatically reduced and Viewlock II requires a mere 65 mA from a 12 Volt DC supply. Viewlock II is able to offer such performance gains, at such low current, by incorporating a dedicated chip (ASIC) to perform all the scrambling functions. The use of an ASIC chip also improves security and reliability as the system is highly integrated and fewer components are required.

Viewlock II is now the worlds leading encryption system for the protection of video transmissions by the police, military and government security agencies.

Video scrambling
Viewlock II randomly cuts and rotates each active picture line, offering a very high level of picture concealment and security whilst maintaining link compatibility. Viewlock II even automatically configures itself for 525 line NTSC or 625 line PAL operation and is therefore compatible with almost any transmission system used throughout the world.

Line cut and rotate video scrambling

Scrambled Picture

Decoded Picture

Optimised for use with RF & microwave links
Viewlock II has been optimised to operate with demanding transmission systems such as RF & microwave video links. It has a very fast "lock-in" time, excellent decoded picture quality and high tolerance to multipath and noise. Indeed, robust in-field performance is a major strength of the Viewlock II system and its operation is virtually transparent to any link, resulting in little or no effect on range or performance.

Typical Viewlock Application

Highly secure
Secure algorithms, seeded by an unreadable primary key, are used to generate the cut and rotate sequences. Only if the primary keys match will the decoder be able to decrypt the received video. Security may be further enhanced by the addition of a user down-loadable 32 byte secondary key set which is used to randomise the cut sequences even more, to an incredible 10 ^1,850 possibilities.

Covert installation
Viewlock II’s rugged construction, small dimensions and low DC power requirement make the system ideal for covert installations. Furthermore, its wide operating temperature range and weatherproofing to IP65 specifications, means that permanent outdoor operation is not a problem.

On Screen Display
Viewlock II includes an on-screen-display as standard showing information about the status of the link. The OSD shows "Secure" when the link has been successfully encoded and decoded, and "Insecure" when the video has not been scrambled. To aid fault finding and installation Viewlock II also displays additional messages such as "No Link", when there is no video at the input of the decoder, and "No Video" when the encoder’s input is absent.

 Technical Specification
 Outline Specification: Dimension 127 x 60 x 23 mm
  Operating temperature range -10C to + 70C
  Weight 220g (approx)
  DC power input 6 to 17 V DC at <0.8 Watts
(eg < 65 mA at 12 V)
  EMC compliance EN5502 Class A & EN50082-1
FCC part 15B class A
 Video: Scrambling method Active line cut & rotate
  Number of cut points 256
  Video standards  PAL & NTSC 525 & 625 lines
(auto switching)
  Video input / output BNC 1 Vpp 75R
  Digital sampling 8 bits
  Signal to noise > 55 dB weighted (> 60dB typ)
  Differential gain < + 5 %
  Differential phase < + 5 deg
  Lock-in time < 0.25 sec (typical)
  * Product specification may be subjected to change without prior notice
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