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 Observation Unit (OU)  
Camera Sensor Type Linear CCD
  Pixel Size 10 Ám x 10 Ám with a 10 Ám pitch
  Pixel Speed 20 MHz
  Power Supply 12 VDC
  Power Consumption 600 mA
  Lens 12 mm
  Field of View 120░
Light Type Halogen Lights
Dimension Observation Unit 480 x 480 x 90 mm
Material   Stainless Steel
Environmental   IP 65 Certified
Power Requirements   12 VDC battery-operated
 Recieving Station (RS)  
Laptop Processor Intel« Pentium 4 with 512K L2 Cache
  Memory 256 MB RAM
  Hard Drive 80G Hard Drive
  Screen 14"
  Video Memory 32 MB Graphic Card
  CD ROM CD-RW Drive
  Power Requirements 110 - 240V, not more than 1.5 Amps
 * Product specification may be subjected to change without prior notice.
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