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UV®3mobile is the first under vehicle screening device of the UV® range of under vehicle surveillance products . This patented product is specially designed to assist security users in identifying any suspicious items attached to the undercarriage of vehicles effortlessly. It is most useful when scrutinizing for dangerous bombs, weapons or contrabands for both moving and parked vehicles.

UV®3mobile comprises of a moving Observation Unit (OU) and a portable notebook. Through the use of an advanced computer vision and motorized shuttle, the automated Observation Unit provides a quick and thorough method to inspect the vehicle.
UV®3mobile adopts the use of advanced image processing and robotic technology to create a highly reliable security solution for vital infrastructure. Upon activation, UV®3 mobile will leave to capture, process and transmit the undercarriage image of a stationary vehicle within seconds.
Small in size, the unique motorized Observation Unit consists of high-resolution monochrome camera(s) with integrated illumination system. Upon activation, UV®3mobile will leave to capture, process and transmit the undercarriage image of the stationary vehicle within seconds.
Clear Images
The captured image will be transmitted to the notebook wirelessly for analysis.The receiving laptop will display and store the captured images. It also acts as the Control Unit for the motorized shuttle.
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