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UV®2 Under Vehicle Surveillance System is a video surveillance system specially designed for security professionals to scrutinize the undercarriage of all vehicles. The system equips fast and effective means for the security officers to examine moving vehicles without causing any great disturbance to the traffic flow.

Comprises of a weatherproof Observation Unit and a specially configured UV® Receiving Station. The Observation Unit conducts undercarriage screening for vehicles and transmits the image to the Receiving Station that consists of a processor, display monitor and UV® customized software.
Specially designed for deployment at crucial point of entry to vital premises or buildings. Security officers can conduct a fast and thorough inspection of all vehicles' undercarriages for illegal attached packages and smuggled items like dangerous explosives, weapons, drugs and contrabands.
Clear Images
Fast and thorough inspections are easily conducted by reviewing the complete and clear undercarriage images displayed on the monitor screen.

Additional features such as Automatic Licence Plate Recognition and Driver Facial Capturing Camera can also be incorporated to UV®2 to provide a comprehensive surveillance solution.
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