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VCR Tape Scrambling System
  > Secure "line shear" video tape scrambling
  > VHS tape compatible
  > Supports PAL & NTSC standards
  > High decoded image quality
  > Smart card authorisation of individual users
  > Allows for the secure archiving and distribution of tapes

Tapelock’s unique "line shear" video encryption process allows standard VCR recordings to be securely scrambled and viewed only by authorised users. The system ensures that sensitive or valuable recordings can be archived and distributed with total confidence, as viewing is impossible without a suitably authorised Tapelock unit.

Tapelock has been optimised to perform with standard VHS video recorders. Installation and operation is very straight forward. The Tapelock unit is simply connected into the record and replay paths of a standard VCR installation and the system is then ready to use.

Each Tapelock unit is securely programmed with a unique and unreadable primary key, which is issued to each group of users. To enhance the flexibility and security of the system even further, optional PC control software allows smart cards to be programmed to authorise users of the system as required.

With its ease of operation, smart card authorisation and unique video scrambling, Tapelock is the only system to ensure your tapes are fully protected and viewed by the right eyes only.

 Technical Specification
 Outline Specification: Dimension 135 x 110 x 34 mm
  Operating temperature range +5 to + 40 deg C
  Weight 550g
  DC power input 8 to 30 V at 3.2 watts
Eg: 270 mA at 12 V
  Standard accessories User guide and operator's manual
 Video: Scrambling method Line shear
  Video input/output connectors 4 x BNC
  Video standards PAL & NTSC 525 & 625 lines
(auto switching)
  Video input / output BNC 1 Vpp 75R
  Digital sampling rate 8 bits at 22.5 MHz
  Signal to noise > 52 dB weighted
  Lock-in time < 1 sec (typical)
  * Product specification may be subjected to change without prior notice
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