Press Release

UVSS Manufacturer TeleRadio Receives US$200,000 Contract to Secure US Marine Operation in Asian Ports


Singapore, August 16, 200, TeleRadio Engineering (TeleRadio), a leading UVSS manufacturer has been contracted to supply the UV Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems to support the US Marine Operation in major South East Asia ports.

The systems are specially designed to detect foreign objects such as explosives, weapons or contraband that may be attached to the vehicle upon entry or exit.

The decision to deploy advance undercarriage inspection systems came as an important enhancement to existing security measures which have been stepped up to address terrorist threats in this region.

According to Director of TeleRadio, Robyn Tay, “UV Colour will significantly reduce vehicle inspection time as the system takes less than 3 seconds to inspect a vehicle. In a busy environment like a seaport, thousands of vehicles enter the premises hence it is crucial that the traffic flow cannot be disrupted.”

“An approaching vehicle does not need to stop while being screened as the system can scan vehicles traveling at speed of 30km/hr or more.”

The use of UV Colour has grown considerably in demand as it not only provides thorough scrutiny of undercarriages. It has also helped address manpower issues as security personnel are no longer required to be deployed at the screening zone during the inspection process.

A complete and high resolution colour undercarriage image is displayed on a computerized user interface for inspection. Security personnel can also use special feature such as image zooming to expand a suspicious area for thorough examination.

Additional security systems such as Vehicle Licence Plate Recognition and Driver Face Capture can be incorporated to automatically capture the licence plate number of the vehicle or to take a snapshot of the driver’s face while the vehicle is being screened.



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