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TeleRadio Won $2 Million UVSS Contract in Middle East

UVSS manufacturer, TeleRadio announced that it has outbid several competitors to win a major contract from the Ministry of Defence of a Middle Eastern country.


The contract is to supply $2 million worth of UV® Colour Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems to protect military installations and buildings within the Middle East Defence bases.


“The evaluation committee has tested all market available UV systems on the same platform in the same environment. Many of the other systems were unable to withstand the desert environment and broke down during the six months evaluation period. After the evaluation, the systems by TeleRadio were chosen due to it capability to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the deserts such as dust, sand and most importantly the extreme temperature.” said an official from the evaluation committee, who did not want to be named.


Technical Director of Teleradio, Mr Ho Min Hui said that this evaluation process is one of the biggest challenges to the ultimate limit of the UVSS systems. The customer has high expectation and we have to undergo a major system modification in order to meet the end user’s requirement. Apart from upgrading of hardware, the software is now equipped with the ability to identify and pinpoint foreign objects that are attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle. This is the pinpoint feature that many customers wanted us to incorporate and we are now proud to deliver it confidently.


The company has worked on several Middle East projects and the engineering team has in-depth experience and expertise to meet and exceed customers’ requirement. The UV system has been earlier installed at major airports, seaports, prisons, oil refineries, palaces and government buildings around Middle East.


TeleRadio has also been awarded ISO 9001 recently to ensure that their products and services continuously gain wide acceptance by customers.



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