Press Release

TeleRadio Launches New Passive Vehicle Screening System (VX-Ray)

Leading UVSS manufacturer TeleRadio announced that it has successfully developed a new vehicle screening system for rapid inspection of vehicles. The system which was showcased at the Singapore Security Asia Exhibition 2010 is capable of screening 300 moving vehicles an hour.


The system named "Passive Vehicle Screening System - VX-Ray" uses a low dose 160kV source to generate a detailed interior image of the vehicle. A new radiation protection technology named "Passive Filter" is also incorporated to provide additional protection to passengers who have concerns on radiation effects.


We believe that the revolutionary vehicle screening system will excite all government agencies around the world. We are now preparing the 1st installation site which is to be completed early next year. Looking forward, our R&D will continue to develop a range of innovative x-ray related products that will benefit our customers worldwide." said Mr Ho, Technical Director of TeleRadio.


The VX-Ray Passive Vehicle Screening System will next be launched at Intersec Dubai and several international security exhibitions in the UK and Paris.



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