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 - TeleRadio Won $2 Million UVSS Contract in Middle East
   - 16 Jan 2007
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 - Thai Government Awards Under Vehicle Surveillance System Contract to TeleRadio Engineering
   - 03 April 2006
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 September - October 2005

"Camera phone, no longer a threat to government and military installations"

TeleRadio has developed an effective security solution that addresses the threat posed by electronic camera phone security labeling system. PhotoSeal is an innovative system, combining advanced image recognition technology with a specially formulated security seal.

- FST September - October 2005

 September - October 2005

"Positively detects drugs, explosives, weapons and more"

The Buster K910B Contraband Detector can positively detect drugs, explosives, weapons, currency and much more. Available from TeleRadio Engineering Pte Ltd, the Buster provides a fast and effective way for detecting contraband in objects......

- FST September - October 2005

 September - October 2005

"TeleRadio UV Colour protects Pakistan's critical infrastructures"

The concept of using UV®Colour is a first for the security personnel in Pakistan but with the current threat of terrorism. UV®Colour will be a common security system for most government agencies due to optimal image quality and the rapid speed of inspection.

- FST September - October 2005

 September - October 2005

"What lies beneath?"

The invention of the automobile has played a significant role in the shaping of society. Providing efficiency to the transportation industry, automobile have improved the livelihoods of millions. However, the world has also witnessed the rampant usage of automobiles by drug traffickers, human smugglers and suicide bombers against the stability of society.

- FST September - October 2005

 3 September 2005

Daily Express

UV®Colour Installation at Pakistan Karachi

 18 August 2004

"Tell-tale car weighing machine"

A local developer of security systems has come up with a device that can detect stowaways, contraband and bombs hidden in cars, from the weight of the vehicle. TeleRadio Engineering's "weighing machine", called a Vehicle Weight Inspection System, can tell in 3 seconds if a car is carry more than it apparently is.

-The Straits Times 18 August 2004

 August 2004

Channel i news coverage on IVSS™

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 18 September 2003

"Mobile eye to check under vehicles"

A local company has devised a compact black box on wheels which can be slipped under cars and other vehicles, giving security experts an extra eye and an edge when it comes to finding bombs and contraband. The system scans the entire undercarriage of a moving or stationary car in seconds, and sends an image of it wirelessly to the inspector's laptop.

-The Straits Times 18 September 2003

 September 2003

Channel i news coverage on UV®3mobile

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