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IVSS™ is a In Vehicle Surveillance System that identifies vehicles carrying hidden weight loads such as explosives, contraband or illegal immigrants by analyzing the vehicle's weight. With artificial intelligence inbuilt into the system, it is able to pin-point exact location of suspicious objects in the vehicle.

IVSS™ consists of a specially designed Vehicle Clearance Platform and a Computerised Receiving Station.
IVSS™ is an advanced and effective security system with the ability to detect cars carrying large amount of suspicious weight load into critical installations. It is most suitable for identifying explosives, stowaways or smuggling activities.
Graphic User Interface
Artificial Intelligence
IVSS™ is able to think like a 'human being' and have the ability to perceive and reason like any 'human being' given time. It analyses the vehicle weight against the weight entries in the database and pin-points the exact location of suspicious objects found.

IVSS™ can also be integrated with the UV® range of Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems. Security personnel can now check for suspicious items placed under the car and at the same time identify any large amount of foreign objects hidden inside a car.

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