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HindSight Wavelet Digital Video (Hard Disk Recorder)
  > Dedicated stand-alone "Black Box" digital recoding system - Not PC based
  > Highly efficient wavelet compression
  > Real time (50 fields per second) record rate with time-lapse options
  > Continuous loop recording with alarm inputs that permanently store events to disk
  > Removable hard disk for remote viewing
  > Time & date code stored with the video
  > 12 Volt DC operation, with optional external AC PSU

Using the latest wavelet video compression techniques, Hindsight has been designed and developed by Ovation Systems to offer the very best in digital recording technology. Wavelet compression is significantly more efficient than the older and more commonly used JPEG standard, allowing Hindsight to offer extended video record times whilst maintaining excellent picture quality.

Hindsight's hard disk recording has the advantages of low maintenance and improved picture quality over traditional analogue tapes together with the ability to directly record and access alarm events with pre and post trigger. Hindsight has been designed around dedicated hardware and records completely stand-alone. It is not the more usual PC card and software solution, and is therefore highly reliable, ideal for long term unattended operation in applications such as mobile, covert and remote surveillance.

Efficient wavelet compression means longer record times

With an 18 GByte drive Hindsight can record over 7 hours of video at quality comparable to standard VHS machines. With wavelet, VHS quality video equates to a compression ratio of around 30 to 1, much higher than JPEG systems. Please refer to the table below showing the approximate record times at 30 to 1 compression. As may be seen, in time-lapse mode, several weeks of video may be recorded before disk overwriting takes place.

Approximate Record Times at VHS Video Quality
1 GB
4.5 GB
9.1 GB
18 GB
22 GB
27 GB
 50 fps
0 day 00:23
0 day 01:47
0 day 03:37
0 day 07:09
0 day 08:45
0 day 10:44
 25 fps
0 day 00:47
0 day 03:34
0 day 07:14
0 day 14:19
0 day 17:30
0 day 21:28
 12.5 fps
0 day 01:35
0 day 07:09
0 day 14:28
1 day 04:38
1 day 11:00
1 day 18:57
 5 fps
0 day 03:58
0 day 17:53
1 day 12:11
2 days 23:35
3 days 15:30
4 days 11:23
 2 fps
0 day 09:56
1 day 20:44
3 days 18:29
7 days 10:59
9 days 02:46
11 days 04:29
 1 fps
0 day 19:53
3 days 17:29
7 days 12:59
14 days 21:59
18 days 05:32
22 days 08:59
* fps = fields (pictures) per second

Stand-alone reliability
As Hindsight is a dedicated video recorder, the system is small and highly reliable. This means quick start recording and the ability to avoid system crashes, ensuring vital "footage" is not lost. This feature is especially important in mobile, event and long term unattended recording where reliability is of paramount importance.

Continuous loop recording
Hindsight may be configured to record a continuous loop of video that is over-written time and time again. This primary loop may be recorded in real time or time-lapse mode, as the user requires. An internal 4 event timer allows this loop to be started and stopped at given times of the day, and even changed from real time to time lapse mode, to ensure the best possible use of the available disk capacity.

Alarm (event ) recording
To compliment the primary loop recording, 4 alarm inputs may be configured to record events permanently to disk (i.e. record clips on a separate part of the disk to the primary loop). These events are recorded in either real time, or in time lapse, with programmable pre and post trigger. Once collected, the user may recall the events directly from a list, showing event date and time, negating the need to search the disk for each event, greatly speeding up the reviewing operation.

Hind Sight Disk Allocation

PC control and configuration software
To view the recordings, Hindsight may be set locally into play mode or the disk removed and installed into another Hindsight unit for viewing at a more convenient location. A PC is then connected to Hindsight, via a serial link, to enable the control of the replay functions and list all the events that have occurred.

Hindsight Rear Panel Connections

Hindsight PCB and SCSI disk
Complete wavelet video compression recorder / player

 Technical Specification
 Outline Specification: Dimension 80 x 160 x 300 mm
  Operating temperature range +5 to + 45 deg C
  Weight ~1.5 kg
  DC power input 12 V DC at ~ 2 Amps
AC PUS optional
  EMC compliance EN5502 class A & EN50082-1
FCC part 15B class A
 Video: Video input / output 1 Vpp PAL or NTSC
BNC or S-Video
  Digitising 720 pixels by 576 lines
16 bits per pixel YUV 4:2:2
  Compression technique Wavelet
  Compression ratio Adjustable from 10 to 1 to > 100 to 1
  Record rates Real time 50 fields (25 frames) sec
Time lapse: adjustable 25fps to 0.1 fps
  Hard Disk Internal SCSI II ultra wide
Address range is Terabytes
  Alarm inputs < 1 sec (typical)
  RS232 ports 2 via 9 way D-type connector
  Power up to record time < 4 seconds
  * Product specification may be subjected to change without prior notice
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