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  > Totally Self Contained System
  > Easily carried by one person
  > Robust VHF Telemetry Link
  > In-built Microwave Link
  > Easily Interfaced to any camera
  > Light Weight

Traditionally the establishment of a CCTV between a target and observation point can often be a very length process. The Rapid Deployment Surveillance System (RDSS) has been designed to specifically address this difficulty. Housed in ruggedised sealed briefcase, the RDSS comprises a camera, pan and tilt device, COMMANDER 16 Remote Control System, microwave transmitter and Power Supplies. Customer's existing Microwave transmitters can be factory fitted as an option

The System can be deployed with a few seconds, and can be controlled with the COMMANDER 16 Remote Contoller, to meet any application. A remotely controllable IR illuminator is available for use with the IR camera variant. Once deployed the system is environmentally rated to IP65, and can be safely left in the field for length periods in the most demanding environment conditions.   

 Technical Specification
 Outline Specification: Power Supply In-built 12 Volt re-chargeable lead acid
batteries 2 x 7.2Ah
  Battery Life 36 hours nominal, auxiliary socket permits
simpleconnector of external power supply
  Telemetry Via in-built COMMANDER 16 system
which can control up to 24 different functions. Computer programmable. 150MHZ - 170MHZ operation Power output 3 Watts.
Typical Functions are:
 - Active Camera
 - Pan Camera Left/Right
 - Tilt Camera Up/Down
 - Zoom Camera In/Out
 - Focus Camera In/Out
 - Turn On/Off Video Recorder
 - Start/Stop Record Mode
 - Activate Camera De-Mist
 - Activate Camera Wiper
 - Turn System On/Off
commercially available devices
  Security Customer selectable access codes or optional sub audio tones for increased
  Video Transmission In-Built microwave transmitter can be
supplied to customer needs
  Camera Supplied as standard with Colour 16:1 Zoom
(Digital 32:1) camera. IR camera also available. Can be readily interfaced with any commercially available camera system
  Pan & Tilt 3.5 kg load capacity supplied as standard
  Weight Complete System, 15 kg
  Environmental IP65 rated
  Size 46cm x 36cm x 15cm
 Monitor:   10" colour 500TVL, in ruggedised case,
also includes: Microwave Receiver c/w omnidirectional unity gain antenna. Band Pass Filter Regulated DC Power Supply
  Size 50cm x 29cm x 29cm
  Weight 6.2 kg
  ARK9315 High Gain (5dB) Low Profile Receiver Antenna
  Size 158mm x 22mm
  * Product specification may be subjected to change without prior notice
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